Drift Skates

Drift Skates
Drift Skates Drift Skates Drift Skates Drift Skates Drift Skates Drift Skates
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Drift skating is a sport designed to assimilate the feelings of snowboarding, surfing, and skating, all in one. Composed of two skates, one for each foot, they are ridden sideways, using an s-like motion to propel the rider. Having the rider's feet separated allows for greater freedom and versatility than any other board or skate provides.

How to have fun:

  1. Put one foot right in the centre of the sandpaper on the fore deck and then put another foot on the rear deck.
  2. Straighten the fore deck first, and then straighten the rear deck for the second step.
  3. Twist your body and both legs on the horizontal line then you can go forward easily.
  4. You can perform to make a turn and any other practicable tricks easily.



  • Durable
  • Heavy Duty
  • Increased Stability
  • More leaning for deeper carving
  • Increased thrust per pump
  • Grind plates


Height: 3.5” / 90mm
Weight: 2 lbs 4 oz / 1015g
Wheel Spacing: 4.0” / 102mm
Decks: Aluminium
Wheels: 72 mil 85 dur
Trucks: Aluminium cast steel S-bent axle inside

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What are Drift Skates?

Drift Skates are a pair of skates, ridden sideways like a skateboard or surfboard. They are composed of a deck, a crossbar mould, two wheels, and grip tape. A pair of skates weighs about 4.4lbs and are extremely durable.


Drift Skates look really dangerous, don't people get injured a lot riding them?

Drift skates are actually one of the safest rides on the market. Because your feet are low to the ground, it provides the rider almost no fall height, and each skate can just turn either to the right or the left, and simply just lay on the ground on its side. If you feel like you are losing your balance, you just simply step off.


What material are Drift Skates made out of?

The deck mould is made of aircraft grade aluminium, and has an almost unlimited lifespan for the average rider. The wheels are industry- standard polyurethane, but unlike most other skateboard or longboard wheels, our wheels have a centerset hub, with rounded lips on both sides. The standard size wheel is 72mm.


What can you do with Drift Skates?

Drift Skates are mostly tailored for downhill riding and street riding, but can be equally as fun in a skatepark, halfpipe, or empty pool. There is no limit to the amount of tricks that can be done, but spins, riding switch, stomps, throwbacks, kick flips, and powerslides are among the most popular.


Why don’t I just buy a Skateboard?

Drift Skates are more versatile across the board, from carrying them around to riding them on the street. Drift skates are far more manoeuvrable, and you don’t have to push to make them go; they can go as fast as a skateboard downhill and faster in smaller spaces. Drift Skates offer more variety in the amount of tricks you can do, from urban street riding to the most insane skateparks. And their small size makes them much more portable; they can fit into a backpack, or can be carried in the palm of your hand, allowing you to take them with you everywhere.


How long does it take to learn how to Drift Skate?

It takes about 5-6 hours, or 2-3 days of riding a couple hours a day, to learn how to proficiently ride. If you can ride a skateboard, longboard, ripstik, surfboard, snowboard, or roller skate, then you can easily learn to drift skate.

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