Electric Skateboard 800W Blue

Electric Skateboard 800W Blue
Electric Skateboard 800W Blue Electric Skateboard 800W Blue Electric Skateboard 800W Blue Electric Skateboard 800W Blue Electric Skateboard 800W Blue Electric Skateboard 800W Blue
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800W Electric Skateboard with Lead Acid Battery and Wireless Controller


This board features a slight concave kick-tail, mountain board shape with a concave deck for added performance which makes this board suited to those who want to do some carving and slashing on or off-road.  

This skateboard has a large deck and huge tires to give you added stability when you take this board off-road and onto the trails. The 800 W motor delivers the power when you need it.

This board features our 2.4 GHz wireless controller which features smooth acceleration, motor braking & two speed settings.




2.4 GHz wireless

Deck Material:


Deck Length:

44 in

Deck Width:

10.5 in

Board Height:

9.75 in

Wheel Type:

Pneumatic rubber tire

Wheel Diameter:

10 in

Wheel Width:

3 in

Wheel Base:

28 in

Track Width:

17.5 in

Turning Radius:

10 ft


800 W (1.07 HP)

Battery Type:

Sealed Lead-acid

Battery Capacity:

36 V, 9 Ah

Drive System:


Top Speed:

45 Km/h


0-24 Km/h in 5 sec


30 Km/h - 0 in 40 ft

Estimated Range:

20  KM

Estimated Run Time:

40-50 min

Recharge Time:

4-6 hr

Board Weight:


Weight Capacity:





  1. When you use this skateboard, in any case be sure to read the instruction manual first.
  2. Before you use, please check your skateboard carefully: Whether all screws are tightened; Axis, Machinery and all electrical accessories are in good condition to be normal operating .Tires are filled with gas.
  3. The skateboard is not allowed in the public roads and lanes with special restrictions to use.
  4. It is not suitable for children who are under 14 Years old.
  5. Please skate when you are healthy.
  6. Do not use this skateboard after drinking or other bad factors that may affect your judgment.
  7. When riding the skateboard, it is recommended that you always wear appropriate protective gear such as helmet, knee pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, riding gloves and other safety apparel that you may deem necessary. But the basic should be worn at all times.
  8. To protect the electrical circuit, do not place the product in a wet place, and especially do not put it in the water.
  9. When you ride the skateboard, please ensure you have enough space so that it is not harmful to someone else and that it does not disturb others. Do not skateboard when looking back, to avoid self-injury.
  10. The company Monkiegears.com is not be responsible for any injury caused to the rider or others. We request you to take utmost care while using the product.
Mis. Information
Dispatch Time This Product will be shipped within 3-5 working days.

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Does the skateboard have brakes?


Braking is provided by hand held controlling trigger. To brake, the rider needs to simply gently push the trigger out (away from grip). This will decrease the power transfer to the drive wheel and will initiate the ABS system. All StreetStik electric skateboards ABS braking ensuring the highest of safety standards and help minimise possible wheel lock-up.


How do I accelerate?


Gently gently, especially when trying for the first time.

Acceleration is controlled by the remote hand held trigger. You must gently pull the trigger towards your body to allow a steady flow of power to the drive wheel. This will accelerate you forward. Easy!


How long does the battery last on the electric skateboards?

StreetStik provide excellent quality batteries that last for an extended period of time. The approximate length of life for each type of battery is as follows:

·200 full cycle charges from a sealed lead acid battery

·500 full cycle charges from a lithium battery


How long to recharge my battery?

If your battery is totally flat it will take 4-6 hours to fully charge. We recommend not leaving it on charge any longer (i.e. overnight) as overcharging can sometimes damage the battery.


Is the skateboard water proof?

To put it simply - no. They are not surfboards!

Like all electric goods, damage can offer if the battery, computer, transmitter and engine are submersed in the water. The longer these items are submersed, the more likely the damage.


Maximum weight for electric skateboards?

Our electric skateboards are designed for most people, however we must assume limitations of weight; ensuring the board can perform and that the operator is robust enough to handle it. Our biggest, the 800 series skate board can take a max weight of 120kg.

Please refer to your operators manual for the exact weight of your skateboards.


What age can I ride an electric skateboard?

·800 Series: 14+ years old

Supervision for younger kids and of course general safety for all is absolutely paramount when learning to ride skateboards. We strongly recommend a flat open area free of people and other obstacle combined with all the necessary safety gear (including helmets).

Also, take your time, learn how to brake and accelerate gently and slowly.


What is the electric skateboards range?

BIG question!

The facts are range is dependent on so many factors, including weight of the rider, speed they are travelling, how they brake and general environment itself. For example:

·Flat run versus hills

·Straight run versus carving it up!

·Constant braking and hard acceleration versus smooth continuous ride

·Smooth bitumen/cement versus gravel driveways or grass

·Outdoor temperature

Please find below a guide based on an ideal flat and straight travel environment travelling at 70% top speed with an adult rider of about 70kg with a full charge:

800 Series skateboard - lead acid battery up to 20km (approximate 45 minutes runtime).

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