Skyrunner Adults Yellow

Skyrunner Adults Yellow
Skyrunner Adults Yellow Skyrunner Adults Yellow Skyrunner Adults Yellow Skyrunner Adults Yellow Skyrunner Adults Yellow Skyrunner Adults Yellow
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Price: Rs.12,000

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Experience The RUSH of Flying and Moving through the Air within 30 minutes of putting your Skyrunners on!


Skyrunner is defined mainly by a flat spring controlled upon deformation, so that the result is a straight movement relative to the ground. With the riser's functional principle, depressive spring characteristic and backward movement of the force point during deformation are achieved. This supports the natural force point movement in the heels direction at higher loads and allows the runner to transpose his optimal jumping energy. Hence, you can really fly!


Skyrunner is recommended...

  1. Lots of FUN!
  2. Euphoric feeling of gliding through the air!
  3. Enables you to jump 6ft high
  4. Enables you to run 25mph+
  5. Incredible experience through exciting sports is never seen before in the fitness and entertainment world.
  6. Provides a cardio-vascular workout
  7. Aids weight loss and burns lots of calories
  8. Strengthens and tones the body's core muscles
  9. Lowers cholesterol levels
  10. Reduce Stress and gain feelings of well being
  11. Very easy to operate and progress. Be up in minutes!
  12. Models designed for kids and adults.
  13. And did I mention... Lots of FUN (has to be said twice because it really is!)



Full Aluminium Frame 6063 Style, Thickness 2.8mm
Nylon Belt
High Quality Fibreglass Spring
Wear Proof & Skid Proof Rubber Foot

N. W: 7. 0 KG
G. W: 10. 0 KG

Measurement: 88X29X38.5CM

Mis. Information
Dispatch Time This Product will be shipped within 3-5 working days.

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1. Which Skyrunner Model should I choose?
Select a model according to the weight and age of the user.

2. Is it hard to play?
No, it is easy to use. If you have basic athletic sense, you can walk after 10 minutes of use. You may feel that it is easier than what it looks like. Balancing on Skyrunner is the same as in walking.

3. How about the exercise intensity or scope?
Skyrunner is an all-body fitness machine. It not only helps you with aerobic exercise but also strengthens your muscles. It strengthens all body muscles, including the leg muscles, the upper body muscles and abdominal muscles.

4. Isn't it dangerous?

Using a Skyrunner is great fun and an excellent way to master a new skill and keep fit. But like any other action sport, it can also be a dangerous activity which may result in injury or even death if you allow the Skyrunner to get you into a dangerous situation. Use this product at your own risk and use common sense when using it.

 In addition, it is recommended that you always wear appropriate protective gear such as helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and other safety gear that you may deem necessary. But the basic should be worn at all times.

5. Can anyone use it?
Yes, anybody can use it. However, it is important to select the proper model appropriate to user’s body weight. And since Skyrunner is made with fiber glass spring that absorbs jumping shock well, even people with no training can use it.

6. Where should be Skyrunner used?
Use it on a broad, flat and strong ground. Avoid using it in places that have plenty of automobile traffic and places that are wet or slippery. In addition, do not use on a bumpy, soft or inclined place.

7. Components of the Skyrunner?
1) Spring: special reinforced glass fiber
2) Body: aluminium alloy
3) Step: rubber
4) Connection: bolt or nut
5) Others: plastic

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